“Memories are the treasures that we keep locked deep within the storehouse of our souls, to keep our hearts warm when we are lonely.”– Becky Aligada

Pinoys’ obsessed in Guinness?

“Last March 21, young Filipinos marched for a Youth Campaign Against Drugs. Sponsored by BIDA and PAGCOR Philippines. From the last registry, at 2004 there were 6.4 million Filipinos listed and said to be involved with drugs. Guinness requirement number for the title is at least a 100,000 participants. At the start of the program, there were cards distributed that should be swiped into a machine that will count the official number of participants. And as expected, Filipinos successfully hit Guinness having 600,000 people marched for the campaign.”

Well people, I have 2 news for you. The first is what we called the GOOD NEWS and the second one is the BAD NEWS.

Good news is: Congratulations for gaining the title.

Bad news is: its not all about the title.

I don’t know who’s to blame in the bad news. But I felt guilty somehow when I heard the “after news” regarding the activity. Take note of the fact that mostly of the participants were grade school students and mostly of them were from Manila area. Here’s the deal. Participants got stranded till midnight because there was a misunderstanding regarding “WHO’s” going to pay for the transpo. When one of the reporters asked a participant what was his role in the said event. The kid just laughed and shrugged his shoulders, then avoid the camera. I’m annoyed. Really annoyed and embarrassed!! Oh Goodness! No wonder Filipinos get involved with a lot of things – curiosity kills cat. Why drag these children to a campaign and let them campaign in something they don‘t even know what the hell it was? Is it true that Filipinos are just obsessed in Guinness? Can it guarantee that at least 1/10,000 of these participants wont end up being a drug addict in the up coming years? NO, simply because they don’t know what it is. And some of them just DON’T EVEN CARE! Sad and disappointed. This is least of what this country needs. How can we correct something that has started wrong?

Let’s be honest. Its nothing but a record. It will not last long. Sooner or later, it will be broken. It will be forgotten. As of now it only look and sound “noble”. But look at the picture! They forced to hold a “mass campaign” unprepared. Not thinking of the consequences. Not considering the people. Making these kids stranded till midnight, cold, tired and hungry. They wasted money, energy and time…


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