“Memories are the treasures that we keep locked deep within the storehouse of our souls, to keep our hearts warm when we are lonely.”– Becky Aligada

Ang Pilay at Ang Bulag

Being not able to walk is really hard. You can only do limited things and often asks help for others. There’s an old saying that “Patience is a virtue.” I am not that mean, but I am considered as “maldita” by the people whom are close to me. I have a spoiled-psycho-KSP-sadistic child neighbor; disappointingly, he’s a son of a church pastor. He has an angelic face that would surely deceive your eyes.  When I was still on crutches, I have walked every day to my mom’s house for breakfast, lunch and supper. One afternoon, on my way to the other house. I saw him playing with his cousins on their garage. Then out of the blue he shouted: “PILAY!” I made a second look and saw him standing on their gate. And because I’m not making “patol” to kids. I ignored him. <

On my way back to my place, he was ridding his bike and wheels around the street. From nowhere, he intentionally bumped one of my crutches causing me to have an imbalance. Good thing, my reflexes are still active. I was able to survive a sure fall even though my right legs are still invalid at the moment. To my surprise, the kid continued biking as if nothing happened. Then I heard him laugh evilly and yelled: “Hahaha! Pilay! Pilay! Pilay!”

Last December, I finally got out of the crutches and my life starts to go back to normal again. But because I was having a hard time learning to walk again, I used cane as a balance aid. But the little villain didn’t stop; he continued annoying me every time I pass by their house. (As if I can avoid it,magkatapat ang bahay namin.)

Until one sunny beautiful afternoon. I went to my mom’s place again to borrow some dvds’. The usual, he’s on his bike. He tried to chase me while I walk on the other side of the street. Again, for the nth time. He yelled: “uy! Tingnan nyo! Pilay oh! Ahahaha! Pilay.” He was to busy teasing me when he accidentally bumped his bike into the rear bumper of their van.

PLAKDA! Semplang si balbon! I wanted to laugh, but then I chose not to. It would be too childish. When I looked back I saw him sitting on the garage with his wounded knee. I just said to myself. “Kung pilay ako, bulag ka naman.” Smiling as I close our gate.

Proverbs 10:10 He that winketh with the eye causeth sorrow: but a prating fool shall fall.
Proverbs 21:7  The robbery of the wicked shall destroy them; because they refuse to do judgment.


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