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Does price matter?

Its been raining for days and its really boring. So I decided to go to the mall. I’ve always been facinated with nice things you can call treasures. Yeah, something like LCD tvs’, projectors, home theater, d-slr, bla bla bla… Ok, going back. On the middle of my window shopping. I saw a huge “SALE” sign in the appliance store. Out of curiousity, I went inside to check things out. I made a first stop at the gadgets section, but nothing seemed to caught my attention. Next stop was the washing machines. Humm… not bad, it’s up to 50% discount.  Then the last stop… LCD Televisions 😀

30% discounts? humm… kinda tempting! hahaha!

anyway, i just noticed something:

>LG vs Sony:

LGs’ are like half cheaper than Sony.

LG 32PC5RV world’s only 32-inch Plasma TV

Sony produces deeper blacks and more accurate color than many small LCDs; decent standard-definition processing; slick styling.

but here’s the thing:

For anything below 32″-37″, there isn’t much difference. LG actually makes quite a few parts for other manufacturers (they own the digital tuner technology) and can be a good way to save money.
Depending on the model of TV, lean towards Samsung. For most small TVs, they have superior black levels and better color variation. For your budget, the Sony XBR line is most likely out, so on the whole I’d say Samsung or LG are your best bets. LG does usually have a lower refresh rate, which can be good when viewing sports, action sequences, gaming, etc. If you plan on gaming, Samsung does have a gaming mode, although it only marginally improves performance (generally speeds up the refresh and attempts for even better blacks/colors) most of the time.

Termed Sony Triluminos Technology, Sony’s LED backlight makes use of an LED light unit powered by two green LEDs, one red, and one blue. According to Sony, this produces a wider color gamut with improved color purity. We will soon see if this is so as we proceed with our comparative LCD TV review. In the meantime, we believe that it is this three-color LED backlight unit that has pushed Sony’s price above that of the competition.

but then, Sony’s quality never failed to amuse me. My family had been loyal for that brand for ages. I haven’t tried LG LCDs yet. But its kind off tempting to buy and try one. Maybe next time…

by the way, I ended up buying a Panasonic NA-F60A6 washing machine. I really needed that one badly. XD


One response

  1. Samsung LN52A650
    Best picture of all the 52″ lcds I’ve seen. Crisp, sharp, looks good even before I’ve adjusted it at all. No dead pixels.
    Plays a sound when turned on/off (there might be an option to turn it off but I haven’t found it).
    Color around the edge isn’t too noticeable except in bright direct light.
    Can’t give arbitrary names to inputs; must select from a list and there is only one ‘Game’ selection, so if you have XBox 360, PS3, and Wii you have to guess which is which when selecting inputs (or remember the input number).
    Switching inputs is not bad on this tv, much better and less annoying than other tvs I’ve used.

    04/06/2009 at 3:58 pm

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