“Memories are the treasures that we keep locked deep within the storehouse of our souls, to keep our hearts warm when we are lonely.”– Becky Aligada


Happy? Yeah, SUPPPPPPPPEEERRR!! all effort in. :-p

After working hard for 2 weeks, we finally saw results. Dealing with 4 bosses of a company was really frustrating. But then I am glad that Sir Ron was there to guide me. It was hard but then, I enjoyed working with different people at the same time. At first I had doubts if I can make a marketing strategy out of a matchbox model car. (that was the challenge by the way)

Nervous? Hell I was! 8am was my call time. And had to present each of our Models in 20 minutes time.  What made me more frustrated was Jaime (my best buddy). He was one of the bosses I have to face. He’s very strict and takes no BUTS. Those green eyes stares at me very intently. Every questions thrown at me felt like a firing squad. I have no intentions of showing any signs of weakness, but God knows I would breakdown any second if he continue to make an arguement about my proposals. My hands were cold and my heart would pop out from intense beating.

I love and I am happy with my previous job. People whom are close to me knew how I went gaga over painting and how I became so eager to take Painting in college. Although in the end, I became an engineer. Close ei? LOL!

It was a 2 out of 100% chances that I would become a part of the marketing team. 1st: it wasn’t my forte. 2nd: it was a try and experience shot. 3rd: come what may, and 4th: it was more like a death wish!

But to my surprise, I did get the slot! Honestly, I was half bothered and worried with the decision. I only have my guts with me, and I smell trouble moments after the annoucement. What ever tomorrow may bring, there’s no turning back.

I arrived home while things were only a bit sinked in into my head. Half was still floating. I went straight to my PC and started writing my blog today. As I reached the end, I suddenly realized. “Not all people are blessed to have a nice job with a nice salary. It was only a wild shot, but it hit bulls eye. I shouldn’t be anxious instead be thankful.”

Now, I’m off… to celebrate! Ahahaha!


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