“Memories are the treasures that we keep locked deep within the storehouse of our souls, to keep our hearts warm when we are lonely.”– Becky Aligada

Ceres Lines markets Batangas-Cubao route

I haven’t ride a bus for almost a year. Yesterday, was the 1st time, after a long time. I was having doubts if I’ll go to the bus stop or  just wait for a bus to pass, or bring my own car… which was not one of the options, cause I’m not in the mood.  Blame the weather! Anyway, on the way to school. I was a bit in a hurry. So, I took a PUJ for a short ride until the bus stop. There were 3 options, RRCG, ALPS, and JAM. I didn’t ride at the first one cause, it was still empty. It will take time before it leaves the terminal. The last one? Uhmm… I DONT THINK SO! I dont ride on dirty, old and smelly vehicles. Anyway, I choose ALPS. It didn’t took long when the bus was finally full.

Supposedly, I should still be in work. But then, something came up and an emergency meeting was held 11am today. We were sent home early, which was in favor in my part cause my twin sister will be arriving today. And I’m picking her up.

Anyway, to buy sometime. I headed to Lyceum’s cafeteria (which happened to be just infront of YTMInc.) and had some chat with my old classmates. I missed them! 😥 I stayed there till 1pm and even escorted my old classmates to the lobby.

There was nothing else more to do, so I decided to do something unusual (again!) I used to do this with my twin sister. Riding buses with nothing specific to go into. What I have in mind was the 1st bus to come, but later on changed my mind. (Because the 1st bus was JAM). Not a moment longer, I saw a blue bus coming my way. Its a CERES bus, one of our province’s new transportations. A.K.A BATMAN SERIES 🙂





added bonus: The stairs isn’t that hard to step on. So there’s no problem for the senior citizens and disabled people. Not too high, not to low, just right… It’s comfortable and no hassles. Some may say that it’s because ceres lines is new here in Batangas, that’s why its like that. NO! Trust me! We already experienced Ceres in Bacolod (the yellow one) ordinary and airconditioned.

I wish every bus line can do the same. Maintained clean and always in good condition. Ceres lines, I’m giving two tumbs up for you! Gratz 😀 I wont contest you being batman, I totally agree with it. Super bus indeed.


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