“Memories are the treasures that we keep locked deep within the storehouse of our souls, to keep our hearts warm when we are lonely.”– Becky Aligada

Switching time

For almost 8 years, I’ve been loyally a fan of Swiss Military Watches. My first swiss watch was a gift from my dad after graduating in elementary. Up to last March, I was using a Swiss Military Hanowa. Then it waved its goodbye to me.

Expensive… Ok, expensive for me is anything that is above $250.00 Anything that exceeds that is something that I can no longer afford. 🙂 And the only option I have is to save money to be able to purchase one.

Citizen Eco-Drive

citizen eco drive

Yesterday, before the  father’s day celebration I received another gift from dad. It’s a Citizen Eco-Drive. A solar powered watch that needs no battery to operate. Intriguing ei?

Most Eco-Drive watches are equipped with a special titanium lithium-ion  secondary battery that is charged by an amorphous silicon silicon solar cell (mother pearl cover) located behind the dial. The titanium lithium-ion composition precludes it from being affected from the regular charge/discharge cycle of other types of rechargeable batteries. Light passes through the covering crystal and dial before it reaches the solar cell.

Depending on the electronic movement model, a fully-charged secondary power cell could run with no further charging anywhere from 30 days to 3,175 days (8.7 years). If kept in the dark for too long, some movement models engage a hibernate mode, where the hands of the watch would stop running but the internal quartz movement would still keep track of time. If an ample supply of light is given, the hands would move to the proper positions and resume regular timekeeping.

I don’t know what came into my father’s head to buy me another watch when I can easily buy a disposable one. Something that I can discard without having “hard feelings”. He insisted that he bought this one last December and he had a 50% discount at this, cause he thought that he’d be home before March and soppusedly a birthday gift. Sigh*

I just hoped he didn’t bought me one, instead saved and added the money to my Nikon D90… 😥


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