“Memories are the treasures that we keep locked deep within the storehouse of our souls, to keep our hearts warm when we are lonely.”– Becky Aligada

Was it a big deal?

I don’t know who’s to blame, US or HER. Was it just a misunderstanding or plain stupidity? Today is our first day of teaching for Grade 1 students in a public school in Laguna. The 6 of us, me and my other classmates where really excited. Only to end up in horror.

This is the only subject I have for Weds. Supposedly, its a rest day for us. As stated from our first schedule, but weeks later. Schedules were jumbled and had changes. When the final schedule was given, we had a subject moved on Weds, NSPT II. It wasn’t really a good thing for me to have only one subject a day because of my case. Aside from that, the activity proceeds outside the campus.

Here’s what happened today:

My classmates were told to go first to the activity area today, one of my classmate TJ was already there because it would be more convenient for him not to go to school anymore (cause here from Calamba).  We we arrived at the place, we saw him in the principal’s office. I even waived at him and asked him if he waited long there.

Then he started, “we dont have our name list here”

I asked him “how’s that possible?”

TJ: “I have no idea. I was asked by the principal”

Then the principal talked to us that Communication Students (our group) doesn’t have our name’s on the list yet. And even showed us the submitted papers. Then he asked who’s our assigned coordinator. We only answered honestly and what we know.

And because of my mood, I bluntly uttered (without any hesitation even if there was another professor there): “How annoying! How come the others have their names there while ours aren’t submitted yet? What a lazy professor!”

More than half an hour later, our professor arrived together with the other assigned professors. Classes and sections were called, except us. Why? We are wondering ourselves to. When every body left, we were curious why we weren’t called. Then our professor said with a bitter face: “Who went to the principal’s office? Why did you all go there? Did I told you to go there?”

We were like “what’s wrong with her?”. We admitted that all of us were there. We were all at the principals office chatting and talking with the principal, which we think, isn’t really a big deal.

Then she handed us our attendance, and gave her reason why our list wasn’t there. “I know that you all know that there are more volunteers than the teaching group. That’s why I haven’t passed any name list in the school principal. I want to talk to all of you tomorrow.” That’s it and she turned her back on us.

We all looked at each other with puzzlement. “That’s it?” said one of my classmate.

“Yeah, I think that’s it.” I answered

“We’re going home already?” ask the other

“What happened?” I countered

“Don’t know, let’s just go home.”

“Yeah, if there’s nothing more to do. Let’s just go home.” I continued

“Walter?” Jasper asked

“Nah! I’ll pass. I’m tired, I just want to go home.” Me again.

The we all went on our separate ways. Point is, we paid P1,100.00 for that subject. Though we were all aware that the activity will push through outside the campus. The class should have stated weeks ago. I hurriedly went home cause I can already feel pain from my knees.

When I got home, my mom noticed my mood. She asked me what’s wrong. I was wondering myself too. But I can feel inside that I am angry. Then, I shared it with her. My mom was angry. I can already feel it. She said she’s coming with me to school tomorrow to talk to that Professor.  (which I’m not sure if will happen, cause of her busy schedule too.)

Why did she walked out?

If its about the “principal”, I dont think its a big deal.

Was she just over reacting?

or was it all our fault that we stayed in the principal’s office?

What do you think?


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