“Memories are the treasures that we keep locked deep within the storehouse of our souls, to keep our hearts warm when we are lonely.”– Becky Aligada

An attemp to climb

Last Wednesday,  September 23 2009 we had an activity involving tree planting. I’ve been hearing that we need to be in a good health condition cause we need to climb Mt. Manabo. I really wanted to join the activity cause it has been ages since I last did mountaineering. I got so excited and forgot that I just got off from the hospital. I even volunteered to cook chicken and pork adobo for our lunch.

Team AB Communication Arts

Team AB Communication Arts

We were asked to come to school at 6:30am for the assembly. But because there were lots of students who didn’t follow the instructions, we left late. We arrived at the camp site around 9:15am. The sun was about to strike. But because we’d been shed by the forest, it wasn’t much of a big deal when we were on the way up. There were 4 or 5 stations where we had some short stops. I wasn’t able to take much pictures because I kind off distructed with my left knee. We had our lunch at the top of the mountain where we also planted our seedlings. The treck was about 2 hours and half, because of the rain – it was slippery and really “maputik”.

View from the top of Mt. Manabo

View from the top of Mt. Manabo

Honestly, I was kinda spaced out when Sir Jojit gaved the signal that were going back. I can’t complain and I won’t complain!! That’s how stuborn I am. Besides, I really wanted to test myself if I still have the guts to do it. Gosh! I miss my senior years in highschool.

Jaimee, my classmate was so patient in escorting me on the way down. Though we fell lots of times, we still managed to enjoy the treck down. Then I noticed on our half way down, we were left behind by our classmates and we got mixed out with the nursing students. LOL! But Jaimee and I got a free buko on the stop over together with 3 other guides. P20.00 ice cold buko for a liter + the meat. Not bad ei?!

Jaimee (black shirt) Jonas (yellow batch shirt) Monica (P.E shirt)

Jaimee (black shirt) Jonas (yellow batch shirt) Monica (P.E shirt)

The nightmare started when the rain started to pour! We were still in the kubo! I even joked about dancing “sun dance”. lol! But actually, I was scared. Though I dont mind getting muddy and dirty, I’m more worried about my “stainless plate”, like what if I slip off and broke it. Omg! I’ll be in big trouble. There’s no way I going back to the wheelchair!

What can I say?! After setting foot on the starting point, I was like “oha! kaya nyo yon? may pilay bang makakagawa nun? ako lang nakakagawa ng ganun!” lol. I still had the guts to joke though my ankle was already swollen and bruised.

The next morning, the only trouble that i had was with my left knee…

Yeah! that was expected. I put too much weight and over used my left leg to balance and to hold my body all the way down. If I were asked to come again? Hell yeah! I’m going back! Hahaha! Just kidding, my mom’s gonna kill me for sure! Anyway, it was one hell of an experience…

For the 2nd batch, good luck! 🙂


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