“Memories are the treasures that we keep locked deep within the storehouse of our souls, to keep our hearts warm when we are lonely.”– Becky Aligada

Holy Week Adventures

Whhhhooooooaaaa! What an experience! Damn! I never thought that being stranded would really become a pain in my ass.  But I guess it was all worth it when we arrived in the place.

2weeks ago, my brother and I decided to come to our friends house in Romblon for a vacation. So its holyweek and we had time to come!

“Romblon is largely mountainous and rugged in terrain, the islands of Rombon are volcanic in origin. The highest peak, Mt. Guiting Guiting is 2,057 meters above sea level. The climate in Romblon falls under Type III category charecterized by seasons which are not very pronounced. From November to April it is relatively dry, and wet for rest of the year.”

Our destination, Sta. Maria – Tablas Island.

The municipality of Sta. Maria, or Imelda as it was formerly called, was created by virtue of Batas Pambansa Bilang 234 and inaugurated on December 8, 1983 with three Barangays; Bonga, Concepcion Norte and Concepcion Sur. Three additional Barangay San Isidro, Paroyhog Sto. Nino. It was in 1986, that the leadership adopted a resolution changing the name of the municipality from Imelda to Sta. Maria in honor of Our Lady of the Immaculate Concepcion, the Patron Saint of the Municipality.

@ Madrona Beach Resort

-> Owned by Congressman Madrona 🙂

We stayed there for a week and been welcomed warmly by the people. We were able to gain new friends like Uncle Bab (town councilor), Genalyn and Mygie (our hosts daughters), Ate Tata and Ate Len, and many more!

Paroyhog by night...


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