“Memories are the treasures that we keep locked deep within the storehouse of our souls, to keep our hearts warm when we are lonely.”– Becky Aligada

Dumb or Plain Stupid?!

I’m not boasting or anything. But I know a lot of people would understand my situation. And I have the right to get pissed! ..i..


Yeah?! Even pre-schoolers know that word.

This was the statement I posted in my Facebook Account earlier:

“may mga pilipino ang hindi nakakapagbasa at nakakapasulat…
mayroon namang mapapalad na nagagawa parehas…
pero ang MAS nakakalungkot, kahit marunong sila magbasa at magsulat: MARAMI SA KANILA ANG HINDI MAKAINTINDI.”

gaano ba kahirap maunawaan ang salitang SARADO?!

English Translation:

“there are Filipinos that can not read nor write, and there’s also those who are blessed and can do both. Thing is, even though they can read and write… Most of them don’t bother or understands what it was.” (what it meant)

is it that hard to understand the word “CLOSED”?!

These are the common situations that happens EVERY NIGHT…

a. You’re a smoker and you don’t have the strength to fight the urge not to smoke. You look at the time, its 1am.
b. Your group went for a drink in a friends house. On the middle of the party, one of your friends noticed that there’s no more liquor. When you checked the time, its 1:30am
in the given situations, it’s obvious that you’ll still go and take the chance to find an open store.
But since its already 1am:  there’s none! (not unless your store is a rival of 7/11 lol)

along the way, you saw this small sari-sari store. the lights are on and it looks open.




OBVIOUSLY we’re no 7/11 to operate 24hours.
a. you already knew that you have this habit of smoking in the middle of the night yet you didn’t bother to buy extra sticks of cigar while it was still early
b. consider the people around you, be aware!! think!! between you and the store owner? you are totally in different situations!
from the scope of duties, the things you do, the hours you work, the field you’re in,
it’s ok to call for 2-3 times just to be sure if they are still open.
but there’s already a SIGN.
Sarado! Closed!
i dont know if they are just dumb or plain stupid?!
…or maybe i should blame the “too much alcohol” and too much nicotine” made their brains shrunk into a pea.
Mood: Pissed off**

its a nightmare!


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