“Memories are the treasures that we keep locked deep within the storehouse of our souls, to keep our hearts warm when we are lonely.”– Becky Aligada

Is being SINGLE a sin?

OMG!! I just hate attending wedding specially when its a classmate from elementary or even high school. This is really a major piss off.

I was invited by a high school classmate on her wedding, which was this morning. I wish I could just reject the idea of attending, but the worse part of the story was I’m one of the  secondary sponsors. I wasn’t even close to the person, so it was kind off surprising. And since, this is Philippines. It’s OKAY – which really sucks!!

After the wedding ceremony, I was taking chances of talking to the celebrants to bid an early goodbye. I’m not anti-social, but I felt suffocated being surrounded by people I don’t know. Specially the elderlies who kept on asking “Who I am and what is my relationship with the celebrants” that would surely end up tracing your “Family Tree”. I sounded like a broken record. I can’t even remember how many times I repeated my answers as if I was attending a Job Fair and was applying for same position in different companies.

On the reception, I had to sit with another batch of classmates. Whom happens to be ALL MARRIED. Pffftt!! Just great! O_o We exchanged some greetings and had a conversation to kill the boredom… my boredom. WHATEVER!!
Along the talkings,  although, it was expected. Cause it always happen to me. Getting fried and put into a Hot Sit on the spot still caught me off guard!

The most pressuring question of all times: “How come you’re still single?”, these line comes along with, “Why aren’t you married?”

F*CK YOU! Can’t I be single for the next 3 more years of my life? Why do I have to keep on answering such silly question? I will get married! I am getting married… and if ever it happens really soon, I will not advice any of them, will not invite any of them and definitely not telling them. ^______________^

Why? Because I want my wedding to be solemn. And not the typical Filipino wedding that invites the whole town like it’s some kind of a feast. I don’t want any unnecessary people attending my big day. I don’t like it to be some kind of a carnival where everyone is free to barge in. And if its possible, I want to keep it as private as it can be.

This was some few lines of the conversation I had with them:

Trish (me): “Is being single a sin?”
HS Classmate 1: “No, not really. I was just wondering why you’re still single.”
Trish: “Says who I’m single?” laughed so hard
HS Classmate 2: “Really? You came with a date today?”
Trish: “Yeah, didn’t you guys see him?”
HS Classmate 1: “OMG!! OMG!! Why don’t you introduce him to us!”
Trish: “He’s here somewhere… oi Daniella Del Mar-Leviste have you seen my fiancé?”
Niella: “Humm.. Ow! The Engineer? Mediterranean beauty? around 6’3″ high? with a great ass?”
Trish: “yeah?”
Niella: “He’s coming right this way! Don’t you guys see him? Ow! My bad, I forgot to tell you. BITCHES CAN’T SEE HIM.”

LMFAO! I was wearing a “What the hell did you just said?” look. I wasn’t really expecting that my best friend would say that. It was least expected! We were laughing at the car the whole time. And before we parted, she gave me such sweet lines.

“Love will come sometime soon. Who knows, when you open your door tomorrow his already there? Do not hurry, for love is just around. He might be a prince riding on a white horse, or maybe Mr. Postman with his bike. No one really knows what will happen tomorrow. He will come… and you’ll be swept away.”


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