“Memories are the treasures that we keep locked deep within the storehouse of our souls, to keep our hearts warm when we are lonely.”– Becky Aligada


I wasn’t aware of the situation since I left our house early this morning to Enroll. Until I saw a news break while I was on the bus around 11am. “August 24, 2010 QUIRINO GRANDSTAND HOSTAGE TAKING”.

Just like other peoples reaction, I cried, laughed, got frustrated and MAD at the end. Imagine for almost 12 hours?! Half of the people in bus DIED and take note of the fact that they were all TOURISTS!! 30 cops vs 1 hostage taker!

Really a shame...

SWAT abbreviation in Filipino Terms in the Internet spread out not more than an hour after the incident.

S.W.A.T: Sugod, Wait, Atras, Tago! (Attack, Wait, Back, Hide!!)
S.W.A.T: Sobrang wala akong training! / Sorry wala akong training! (Sorry, we weren’t trained)
S.W.A.T: Sana Wag Ako Tamaan (I hope I don’t get shot!)

Its kinda insulting, but if you really did saw how things went, you’d get the point. It was humiliating, disappointing, annoying and stupid! It was worst than watching PINOY CORNY SITCOMs! I can’t believe that this is what Filipino Police are made of. I wish I can grab a photo where the Police were piling up at the back of the bus. It was HIDEOUS! They look really stupid. But this was the only one I have.

No wonder most of the people don’t pay respect to them anymore, if you were able to watch it and really observed. You’d understand why a lot of bloggers are angry, annoyed and even left a remark “DUMB” to our country’s policemen.

No proper equipments and gears, trainings, evaluation, and preparedness workshop! All of this? Equals EPIC FAIL!! ..i..

I cried when I heard gun shots even though I was just watching.  To think that he was also a police who served his fellow countrymen. INNOCENT PEOPLE were taken as hostages. Who wouldn’t get angry? This was INSANE!
I have a lot of Chinese Classmates and FRIENDS, they are NICE and HONEST PEOPLE!  I feel ashamed because the hostage taker was from the same province that I am.

I wont and can’t blame if the Chinese Government closes its door to Philippines. 😥


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