“Memories are the treasures that we keep locked deep within the storehouse of our souls, to keep our hearts warm when we are lonely.”– Becky Aligada

Hong Kong Government marks Philippines BLACK in OTA

Outside Travel Alert

Pictures of what happened today are everywhere!! Even in CNN! What more can make us ashamed? Honestly, I am scared of the possible actions that the Chinese Government will do after this incident.

Reaction follows and its 99% Negative. Some were blaming the media, the by standers and also the PNP – Philippine National Police. Who happens to take most of the blames.

I still can’t believe this has happened! Those Chinese Nationals were just here as tourists and this is their last day. They were about to go home tonight on a 7:30 flight.  It should have been a wonderful memory, but it turned out being a nightmare.

*Most of us here expressed our anger and disappointment in PNP’s actions and slow response to the situation. Some were sarcastic and even mocked them . I can’t blame these people. “To serve and protect”, once you become a policeman – you embrace the responsibility and have to mean what you swore onto.

It was a traumatic experience for other tourists. Philippines is just starting a new life with the new administration and then this had to happen. It’s sad…

And now? Hong Kong Government announces “Avoid all travel” for Philippines in their Outside Travel Alert site which was just updated earlier.

A concern friend from my Facebook account tagged me in a screen shot he made for his wall posts.

This is really sad…

Specially for the fact that Philippines was marked as a “Severe Threat” in their list.

Sigh* Me and my family loves to visit Hong Kong every once in a while since its a nice place to shop and relax. It also has a huge effect on both me and my boyfriend since he’s from a foreign country. The Hostage Drama that happened earlier was also aired in other countries. This will be added to the long list of NEGATIVE FEEDBACKS of Philippines. 😥


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