“Memories are the treasures that we keep locked deep within the storehouse of our souls, to keep our hearts warm when we are lonely.”– Becky Aligada

Bye bye Mr. and Mrs. Wisdom Tooth

Arrrggghh! Such ugly sight! xD

God! What could be more painful than losing both your #38 and #48 tooth at the same time? Have you seen Spongebob lately? That’s how I look like now. SQUARE FACE!! lol! no neck, double chin, swelling face, bleeding gums, nose flattened, ect., ect.,  Arrrrggggghhh!! So painful! I didn’t imagine that this would be more painful than my first two major operations.

I really love my teeth, and I’m quite conscious when it comes to it. That’s why I regularly visit my Orthodontist for check-ups, oral prophylaxis and other problems related because I treasure my teeth more than my skin. And I’d rather spend time and money going my orthodontist than going to a facial spa.

Next to my teeth are my nails, hands and feet! Which I always keep clean and presentable even though I maintain long nails 🙂

My left 3rd Molar

Operation started at 10am yesterday, August 30, 2010. It should have been a month ago, but it was postponed so many times because of my schedule. “Odontectomy“, that’s the term dental doctors used. It wasn’t that easy! A tooth take hours to finish! Gosh! I had to keep my mouth open that long too! Moments like, “I’m sleepy doc” and “Time out! My jaws are numb!”, “Oopss! Need to spit”. lol

Imagine sitting for 6 hours in the clinic with 3 Doctors doing things inside your mouth?

“CONGRATULATIONS! Its a girl!” Dr. Humarang exclaimed after successfully pulling out the last fragment to my wisdom tooth after 3 hours. Anyway, photo at the left side shows what happened to my left wisdom tooth.  We weren’t able to save the right wisdom tooth cause it was thrown by Dra. Humarang’s assistant after the first part of the operation.

For 6 hours? I was hungry and was dehydrated. I’m not scaring you or anything, but this is an honest statement: “It F*cking HURTS!!” I can taste blood every time I swallow. Ewww!! xD
The doctor said that regular cases after operation only requires 24hours soft diet. But with my case? It would take longer since the wound was deep and would swell big time. Bleeding and swelling is normal – just maintain medicines for 7days.  Sum of this? Not really a problem following the doctors advice. Although the procedure really costs a lot. Mine was p16,000 / around $350+.

But the thing is, I forgot that i have to go back to Manila tomorrow! Wondering why I asked to have my tooth back? My tooth fairy is coming home, I’ll get my refund after! 🙂


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