“Memories are the treasures that we keep locked deep within the storehouse of our souls, to keep our hearts warm when we are lonely.”– Becky Aligada

A short stop @ Starbucks

Arrgghh!! Friday is orientation day. Sigh*

We left 6am yesterday for an 8:30am appointment. Enough time to be in Manila taking the bus. But who would have thought the traffic would be present early  Friday morning? So much for assuming that “It’s OK!”. I arrived at DLS-CSB around 9am and had to run to the 5th floor to attend “Frosh Orientation”.

When I arrived at the school’s theater, it was still empty. There are some students outside chatting. And because I didn’t take breakfast, I decided to go down to the cafeteria and check what’s on the menu. When I got down stairs, I had a change of mind and went to the clinic to submit some pending documents needed.

Killing some time, I toured myself in the campus. A long pile of students waiting for their turn on the Accounting office. Guess they are the upper classmen enrolling. Out of boredom, I went inside out every comfort rooms of each floor before going back to the theater. When I got there, I took a short peak of what’s going on inside. Hummm… they still haven’t started. Instead of going inside and wait for the start, I went down stairs again and decided to take a walk  around the street.

Then found Starbucks just a few buildings away. I decided to have a short stop and eat my breakfast at the place. I ordered Tuna Dill and Mocha Frapp for myself while listening to some jazz music. Busy people having their discussions on their tables. I took the sit in the inner part of the shop. Having a clear view of people coming in and out for an hour. Seems like things are cool, unlike the usual busy days during the past weeks. Maybe because Class is just about to start.

Time sure pass by quickly, after writing a few lines for my blog and eating some of my sandwich. It was already 11am when I checked my watch. OMG! I sat too long at the coffee shop!! lol

I didn’t come back and just decided to go home after wasting my time. Took a PUJ back to Buendia and went straight inside the bus. NEW BUS! 039 Ceres – guess they replaced the old big ones. Yutong Model same with 041-070 bus (if I’m not mistaken). I wanted to take its picture but then I threw the idea. Anyway, the driver sounded Ilonggo and was really nice to talk with. While we wait for departure, I had some chat with him. The bus was via Lipa-Tanauan cause I wanted to sleep during the trip. Rain was pouring heavy when we approached SLEX. When I got to Lipa City, Manong driver even said his “Thanks for riding Ma’am”. I just smiled and shook hands with him.

Whew! Back to Lipa City again 🙂


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