“Memories are the treasures that we keep locked deep within the storehouse of our souls, to keep our hearts warm when we are lonely.”– Becky Aligada

2nd Hand Paperback Madness!!

Goodness gracious! I haven’t been writing for weeks. Yeah, the usual reason “Busy with school and other things”. But don’t worry, I still get to take some photos of my past week activities. Anyway, I’ll start off with my reading again.
I think I mentioned before that I’m a sucker for paperbacks. Cause I really love to read, regardless of the genres. After collecting Martha Cecilia’s PHR Kristine Series, Sweethearts, Classics, and others works of her, which I really went gaga over with. I turned to collecting English Novels that can be bought in Book Sale. I already finished reading 4 paperbacks from 4 different authors.
I just finish Carol Finch’s The Bounty Hunter and the Heiress, which end up one of my personal favorites. I don’t really have an idea which writer to choose at start. So far, I don’t have any bad feedbacks with the books I bought.
I’ll do a review when I have time, so I can share my experience and opinion while reading it. What do I get from reading those kinds of books? Well first, it really helps my English – A LOT! I get introduced to a different approach of novels. It takes me to a different level of reading. Since SOME of the Tagalog romance novel writers are stock with their “common story routine”.
Since I was introduced to reading English novels, my categories in books grew. It was like accepting and looking at the world in a different perspective. I started collecting paperbacks when I got into college, because I get to have my allowance monthly. I invest my savings in books instead of going to shopping and buy new sets of clothes. A lot of people really find it weird, especially that I don’t go with the usual norm of youngsters.
Anyway, I’ll check Book Sale again probably tonight before going home. I set my standards though when I buy books. There are cases that you might not like it, but I did like the book. We have our own opinions, and I do respect that. We don’t have the same experiences and environment we grew up with.
If you have suggestions with other books, I’d appreciate it if you guys share it here. I’ll make time to find and read it too.


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