“Memories are the treasures that we keep locked deep within the storehouse of our souls, to keep our hearts warm when we are lonely.”– Becky Aligada

BRC Drag Race Championship

Ok! My fault! I admit my mistake for not being able to write anything for months. I don’t have any internet connections at my condo, and I lost interest on applying to one since they are making my life miserable.

Yesterday, February 05, 2011, my family and the rest of TEAM SUZUKA MOTORSPORT went to Batangas Racing Circuit to compete for the 2011 Drag Racing Championship. And since I was assigned to take care of the documentation and other stuffs. I became busy the all day long.

Assembly time for TEAM SUZUKA was 7am. But I woke up late after rushing back from Manila to Batangas the night before since I have evening classes. We arrived at the garage around 8am, but we were told that the car was out for a car wash.  Not a moment long, everyone was ready to go.
But since everyone wanted to be sure everything would go smooth, they decided to have an early test drive.
We went to Bulacnin, Levi Town to have a long empty road to test the cars.
Around 10am were good to go in the race track since were just an hour away from BRC. But something went wrong along the way. Leading the car’s driver frustrated not being able to participate not even for the class category division.
We were forced to sit in one corner of the circuit for hours watching and bleed. “We came this far, we’ll try once more. We can’t quit just like this.” That’s what I heard from Venson. Then everyone gathered around, took their tools out and everything that the we need.  4 men worked together to try once more, even the car driver, Venson (guy who wears the yellow shirt).
Everyone was crossing their fingers and praying hard for the car to be mended. My hands were shacking all the time while they work on the orange babe.  The engine was again OVERHAULED. 😦
Moments later….
After being envious of the cars that already ran at the track, after seeing 4 of my friends doing good and reached semis,I felt frustrated! Everyone was looking forward in participating on this race. So at least, we’ll give it another wishful chance to solve the crisis.
Prayers were answered quickly this time. After putting the engine back. They challenged their selves to take it to another test drive.
And who would have thought that it would work fine…
we just laughed and asked each other, “why haven’t we thought of doing that earlier?”

Back in the track. Team Suzuka

Our two drivers sulking after deciding they wont participate anymore. Christian in Red and Venson in Yellow

Venson doing a pose after changing.

Christian joins Venson on the track.

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