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Tumblr Background Tips

After a week of trying to personalize my tumblr page, I finally understood how its CSS/HTML setting works. I tried so many times and failed! >.< but who would have thought that it was just that simple?

I know a lot of you guys are curious and very much interested to personalized your tumblr pages. So, I'm sharing this again. 🙂

Anyway, for those who wants to change their tumblr backgrounds. Here's how it works.

1. First of all, find the following code in your theme:
2. Now, after that code you should find this code “body {” and inside the body tag there should be the background: line. It is here that we need to insert the url of the image you want to use for the layout.
3. For example, in my Tumblr the background line looks something like this:
background: {color:Background} url(‘{image:Background}’) top left fixed repeat;
Now replace the {image:Background} with the URL of your image (if you have it in your computer upload it to Tumblr first ), and change the top left fixed repeat for top left fixed no-repeat.

Note: Tumblr will display all images you upload to it.

Upload the file like a normal photo
View the file via Tumblr like a normal photo
Right-Click and “Copy Image Location” – Put this in notepad.
Click on the “Add/Edit my posts” link in the upper right.
Delete the post containing the thematic element.
I have not noticed any garbage collection routines that clear out uploaded images after they are deleted. This may be implemented later.
Click “Change Settings” to edit your theme

Use the URL from notepad where you would like to use your image within the theme editor

I posted the links where I got the advices from. Just read it. Its self-explanatory. 🙂 You can make your own backgrounds if you like, but the image width should not be bigger than 1600pixels (it depends on the screen resolution you are using actually) and a height bigger than 700pixels. If you follow these steps, you’d find that its not really that complicated. Good luck!


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