“Memories are the treasures that we keep locked deep within the storehouse of our souls, to keep our hearts warm when we are lonely.”– Becky Aligada

BATO-BATO sa langit, tamaan wag MAGALIT.

My dad's ward 3E 351

Printer nga wala kayong PAMBILI, PAMBAYAD pa kaya ng TAX?!
lol for a 3 page bill it took them 4 hours to print? WTF?! O_o

My dad was advised by the company clinic to undergo angiogram after failing his stress echo. My dad wanted St. Lukes but the clinic strictly told him to go to this “hospital”. Fine! Just for the sake of clearance, Dad had himself confined in that “hospital’ for 2 days – with a NEGATIVE RESULT.

Saturday morning, mom asked me to pick daddy and kuya up. She told me too that I have to be there before 9am because dad will be released around 10am. I arrived there 10mins before 9am. Just in time!

Kuya went down right away to the billing section to settle our bill. 9:30am, my brother was able to submit the temporary bill and request for the final list of billing.
After 2 hours, dad and I got worried because kuya hasn’t come back. So I went down and checked on him. To my surprise, he was still on the line waiting for our bill to be printed! Around 12pm I crossed the hallway which their cafeteria is located to check what they have for lunch. I was disappointed with what I saw, that’s why I ended up ordering in Wendy’s which is also inside the cafeteria.
I have finished my lunch, went upstairs to check daddy, kuya’s food has gone cold and it was past 1pm and still, our bill isn’t PRINTED.

I got pissed and asked the guy who was chatting with the other staff “what’s taking our bill so long?” and to my surprise, he answered me in a mocking way that its their printer’s fault.

I was like; “WTF? There are like hundreds of patient confined here, and the lowest procedure costs P70k yet you can’t buy a new printer?” WHOAAAAAAAA?!

One of the worst service ever! It took us 4 hours of waiting just for a 3 page hospital bill and ANOTHER HOUR JUST FOR THE WHEELCHAIR. No wonder no one attended their “BIDDING.”


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