“Memories are the treasures that we keep locked deep within the storehouse of our souls, to keep our hearts warm when we are lonely.”– Becky Aligada

Lazy ass

Since we are on our pre-finals, there are lots of things that should be done. Yes! Projects, proposals, policy papers, research and thesis. But what am I doing? Lol

I usually feel pressured during these times, but then, I feel comfortable and relaxed compared to the past 3 terms. I used to cram a lot and I don’t like it. Mom said that I just got used to my schedule. 🙂

I’m still in bed right now, and I don’t feel like getting up anytime soon. xD
I have my ORDEV class at 9:40, but it’s still early. So I’m not making any efforts. Then my next class is 6-9pm, one of my majors – Diplomatic Correspondence, a writing class. Which I hate the most by the way. Whew~


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