“Memories are the treasures that we keep locked deep within the storehouse of our souls, to keep our hearts warm when we are lonely.”– Becky Aligada

Random thoughts

The battle has started! America is now making a move to execute plan B. 1st the implementation of SOPA, and now the they are planning the transfer of BPOs’ back to their state.

If one agent earns around 10 dollars an hour + other benefits and incentives in the US. Here in the Philippines, they only have to pay $400/month + other benefits and incentives. Wow! Cheap labor isn’t it? What a good way to sell labor without them noticing that they are exploited.
BPO corporations get to earn more and spend less on the tax and other spending. It doesn’t hurt that much since its based here in the Philippines.

Required skill? English.
Here, in the Philippines, its a second language. A learned language. There, its their “major” language. No need for training bla bla bla.

I just hope Philippines wont be too confident about these BPOs not transfering. US is desperate to earn no matter what. There’s no such thing as allies when money talks. They need to keep the money rolling.

I just hope I wont see a headline soon that goes like:
“Man got sued for singging Happy Birthday”
because of IPR.

they should have realized it sooner that they are spending more than what they earn and its killing them. Are they really losing their hegemonic power?

just a thought… random thought


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