“Memories are the treasures that we keep locked deep within the storehouse of our souls, to keep our hearts warm when we are lonely.”– Becky Aligada


It’s been a while huh? The Queen of Randomness becomes clueless? I don’t know, but yeah. That has been bugging me for quiet sometime now. 
Anyway, I just got off from work and series of meetings this morning for the year end assessments. And because of that, I’ll be flying to Indonesia tomorrow morning for a 2 day meeting. Yes, before the office closes for the holiday. How unfortunate? I can’t find the words. I’m clueless!

Misa de Gallo has started yesterday, but I failed to attend. I have readings and papers to finish! And when this happens, there’ll be a huge sign in my door “The owner must not leave this premises because she hasn’t finished her reviews.” Arggh!! What else do I do? I’m clueless!

I’ll go nuts if I don’t take a break. I kinda hate doing the tables, so I end up multitasking. Either I surf the net to search for places for my next hibernating season or just an escape. I’m clueless!
But luckily, or at least, if my dear boss isn’t around – I don’t really have work to do. So, I end up chatting. (Don’t ask what my job is, it’s not so interesting that you’d want to apply for it. Hahaha!)

Since ‘we’, that later on turned to ‘I’ love to travel, (because my beloved 4 travel buddies got married) one of them gave me this Dating Site and suggested me to look around, meet friends and go out, so I wouldn’t be so ‘boring’. That’s how she calls me, my life and my job. It wouldn’t hurt to try it though. To make it short, I created an account – and that was years/ages ago. I think I wrote something about it before, when I first tried it? Anyway, since everybody has been in love with the idea of falling in love, my status remains on ‘friendship’. I’m not playing safe, but I’ve been there before. Just like any other girls, I’m also in the line waiting for Mr. ‘knight in shinning armor’ to come. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Though it was a wishful thinking that it’ll come all wrapped for Christmas? Plus, I wasn’t so nice this year so I don’t get to have one. Let’s not sugarcoat reality. 

Back to being clueless. It was actually a good stretch to meet people and extend friendship in all size, shape, color and language. I don’t often talk about my feelings not unless there are multiple emotions that starts to sprout and mob me. (As if I have 10 conscience). I don’t chat multiple guys, I don’t keep reserves. 
So, we’ve been talking to each other for quiet sometime now and I really like him. He’s nice, sweet, straightforward and knows what he wants. Other than that? The rest is in my preference, so back off and don’t judge. Luckily, my schedule for new year happens to be in his location. I’m really clueless about this and everything but I’m excited. I don’t know! Maybe because for the first time in my life, I realized I’m not really boring when I’m so random? 


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