“Memories are the treasures that we keep locked deep within the storehouse of our souls, to keep our hearts warm when we are lonely.”– Becky Aligada


“He’s there, but not there?”

Ever encounter these lines? I’m quiet bothered with this. Cause the next line my friend said was, “been there, done that”. So I guess that’s something else? Julian saved my ass a couple to times now, and he seldom misses the target. As if he can read my mind or words are just all written to my face and all he has to do is read it.
Like I can count those in my fingers and wouldn’t even using the other hand. Sometimes I hate my best friend for being an ass, blunt and too honest, but that’s just some of the hundreds of reasons why we’ve been friends for long. 

He took me to the airport this morning for my early flight and I can feel he’s angry about something, The aircon is working fine, but I can feel tension. I didn’t had the chance wink even I was really sleepy?! Tensions… tensions…
Before I went out he said, “Don’t fuss over a guy you haven’t even met. He can do, say, lie, pretend and become whatever he wants without you noticing the difference. He can feed your fantasies today and become an asshole the next day. Learn your lesson.”
I don’t even know what’s the reason I wrote this entry. If its about my best friend or that guy’s silence. Both are being in the state of “He’s there, but not there.” 
Seriously, I hate you more cause you’re adding salt to my open wound. You already hit bulls eye last night. I know, it’s stupid. I shouldn’t have tried that in the first place.
Fine, I already understand that I’m being ignored and since he’s not talking to me means I’ve been thrown to the ditch and shut down for the nth time.
Sorry, I never learn. 
Move on, you got me, point taken. Maybe it was just a waste of time, I admit it hurts but come on, I won’t die or commit suicide. Nothing has even started yet. I always suck at explaining how I feel. I’m not confident because it’s not an economic theory, a policy paper, or a research paper that I can just argue about. 
End of story.


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