“Memories are the treasures that we keep locked deep within the storehouse of our souls, to keep our hearts warm when we are lonely.”– Becky Aligada


Substitute Teacher

I thought it was just a hearsay, but there is really a high demand for english teachers in the country. Same goes for the neighboring states. But with a little push an great support from the government, the next generation will do better.
Ok, so I was asked to become a substitute teacher for 2 days in 2 weeks, Thursday and Friday.
Since I was bored from roaming around and being stock in the city. I said, Yes.Hahahaha! It wasn’t that much but it was better than doing nothing.
I had 4 classes each day, for an hour each. That makes 250baht/hour multiplied in 4, that makes it a thousand baht for a day. It was easier to handle the upperclassmen, but I had to be a little strict. I had to adjust big time on the preparatory level too. One hour is surely short for an English class that only happens once a week. 😦

This was the first time I handled a foreign class. So, I thought “Yeah it’ll be a nice experience”. But the problem was I don’t speak Thai. I was having doubts at first because I’m not used to handling a huge number of kids. But gladly, it wasn’t as worst as I imagined.





“Hangover” food porn

After being sentimental for the past few days, Im back. 🙂
There’s been quiet a lot of things that amuses me, although I didn’t get the chance to move around and visit Thailand’s best destination, I was able to travel with the food.
Num tok, tom yum, paw eew…. I don’t even know if I get these right. But yeah, food is great and really cheap. The roasted pork skin and intestine… So on and so fort. I’m willing to try anything as long as its edible! But I have to pass with the bugs that were sold in the streets for some reasons. These are the usual stuff that I eat from the canteen down stairs. Costs around 30-50baht, and trust me its really good.





“Hangover” adventure!

Ok here we go! I arrived past midnight of Sunday, 19th of January. And with the help of some friends, I was able to book a hotel in the heart of the city. Went out straight to a bar and had a little welcome party at the same day. Good thing they serve coke! :p
Ate some uber spicy noodles in Si Lom and went back to the hotel.

After sunrise, I took a little photowalk in the area. But I had to be really careful because there are areas that aren’t accessible for tourists like me.
Around lunch, my assistant went to pick me up so I can finally go and get some good rest in my service apartment in Huay Kwang. 🙂

Since, I have no sleep – I went straight to bed. Around 9pm, my friends dragged me out to spend out Sunday evening in a bar in Patpong. (I promise not mention any names) The live band was really good and I was enjoying my drink (yeh, the infamous coke) when a Guy went to join us in our table. So, I was a snob?! I thought he was trying hook up with my friend! HAHAHAHAHA! So his name was Marcus and his from *bleep*. Chat a little, bla bla bla and bla bla bla! >:D
Oh damn migraine, I had to excuse myself. Although I had a local number, which I forgot unconsciously. I gave my roaming number, which by the way, isn’t working. Sorry Marcus!

I maybe a total pain in the ass, but I have other things to do in Bangkok. :))
Don’t take me lightly just because I’m pulling all miracles to divert my frustrations. Ok?
I uploaded the first batch of photos of my sick adventure last week. So feel free to browse it in my Facebook Account.


Sometimes we need to be lost in able to realize that we are really “lost”. Everybody needs a little break and short stops to enjoy life. We miss most of the important things when we get too committed on what we “want” the most and become blindly ambitious.
Life do not promise perfection. There will always be jerks, assholes, liars and bitches around you. And that is something that you cant change because they’ve long been existing even before you were born.
Thing is, you’re the one who directs your life. Learn how to deal with them effortlessly and gracefully. There’s no need to insult nor ridicule them just because you feel superior. Your words will define who and what you are.

When you have less than a year to live?

Smile, no need to waste breath on petty things. Life is indeed short. 🙂

Just finished my 3rd dialysis. My back hurts and the rashes are back.



Look at the time? My stay in Bangkok is surely short, but very busy. After my meetings with the Big Boss, I’m enjoying the rest of my hours here in Hilton. Thanks to Emily and Maricar who helped with my accommodations, I got out the airport around 8pm. I know that once we get in Bangkok, the gap between me and sleep will grow more. Even the luxury of the hotel room wasn’t enough to tie me down in bed. Oh how I badly wanted to get some sleep. 

There might be a hundred and one things that I don’t understand but I was really fascinated with how they actually travel by land, crossing borders, blending to the locals. Since I have a driver to help me in the city, I’m stock with the idea of missing the adventure. 

So this morning, I decided to become a ninja to experience the city for a few hours. From the hotel, I walked for about half a mile before I was entirely and successfully gone unnoticed. There are certain words that I can grasp but it was hard since some of the locals were having a hard time understanding me too. 

I wanted to buy something for my brother, so I asked for a friend’s help. She did the translating, and guided me to where I can buy some good stuff. We ended up Chatuchak Market, the largest weekend market. Since it was still early, we decided to eat breakfast first. For the first time in my life, I literally felt that I was a Fire Dragon! Hahahaha!! 

Imagine these, so beautiful and colorful can make you breath fire? OMG! But it made my day! I’d surely pass coffee this morning cause this one really kicked me wide awake.

Feeling like a lost kid in a big city and hours of wondering, They finally noticed I was missing!! I know I was wrong, but I knew that they won’t let me go if I asked them too. Seeing a driver pick me up in the airport is already an omen of ‘NO, YOU CAN’T”. And I deserve a sermon, it’s a miracle I didn’t get one. Hmmm… I wonder why?


With a few more hours before my contract ends, my boss gave a lunch conference for the whole team as a ‘thank you’. Everybody seems excited to go home for the holiday, but the girls and I were busy planning what to do next. I haven’t been to the water park, or the floating market and I want to watch a Muay Thai fight, so there are still a lot of things to do. Argghhhh!! I can’t wait for January! 

Oh by the way, thank you Maricar and Emily! You saved me.



“He’s there, but not there?”

Ever encounter these lines? I’m quiet bothered with this. Cause the next line my friend said was, “been there, done that”. So I guess that’s something else? Julian saved my ass a couple to times now, and he seldom misses the target. As if he can read my mind or words are just all written to my face and all he has to do is read it.
Like I can count those in my fingers and wouldn’t even using the other hand. Sometimes I hate my best friend for being an ass, blunt and too honest, but that’s just some of the hundreds of reasons why we’ve been friends for long. 

He took me to the airport this morning for my early flight and I can feel he’s angry about something, The aircon is working fine, but I can feel tension. I didn’t had the chance wink even I was really sleepy?! Tensions… tensions…
Before I went out he said, “Don’t fuss over a guy you haven’t even met. He can do, say, lie, pretend and become whatever he wants without you noticing the difference. He can feed your fantasies today and become an asshole the next day. Learn your lesson.”
I don’t even know what’s the reason I wrote this entry. If its about my best friend or that guy’s silence. Both are being in the state of “He’s there, but not there.” 
Seriously, I hate you more cause you’re adding salt to my open wound. You already hit bulls eye last night. I know, it’s stupid. I shouldn’t have tried that in the first place.
Fine, I already understand that I’m being ignored and since he’s not talking to me means I’ve been thrown to the ditch and shut down for the nth time.
Sorry, I never learn. 
Move on, you got me, point taken. Maybe it was just a waste of time, I admit it hurts but come on, I won’t die or commit suicide. Nothing has even started yet. I always suck at explaining how I feel. I’m not confident because it’s not an economic theory, a policy paper, or a research paper that I can just argue about. 
End of story.

It’s a wrap!

I just realized that with a few weeks forward 2013 will end. Bow, I salute everybody who has done and did a good job. I wasn’t uploading photos lately, because somebody stole my ‘car photos’ and used it for his own feature article in a local car magazine. Ok, I know. I got pissed a few months back and now that I saw it personally, I wanted to punch and break his face. Unfortunately, my hands are too beautiful to be ruined. Hahaha!

Anyway, going back to the months of 2013. I’ve been so busy with school and work. Yet I really had fun because right after my internship I went backpacking again. I’m actually just going to keep this one short, or maybe not? I’ll write as much while waiting for my service to come and pick me up here in the hotel. Ohh by the way, I just learned that you can take a ferry from Singapore to Indonesia, Thailand to Laos, amazing! How convenient?! Don’t know, but for me, its just ok. Especially when I’m a bit clouded with my meeting today. 45 minutes from the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal near SG Airport. Voila! Welcome to Indonesia. 


(photo from getlostinasia)
Why am I so happy? Well, my dad’s going to be here in a few hours. He’s is somewhere in the seas of Riau, so he’ll be here soon. 
I only have 36hours to spend in Indonesia with 3 meetings on the list. Tomorrow evening, I’ll be flying to Bangkok for another series of meetings because my boss will meet me there to finish the evaluation and finalize the assessments. 
I’m kinda feeling a bit flushed and dozed with the number of things I’ve been doing lately. And this is also the first time I’m working extra during holidays. As much as I don’t want to, there’s nothing I can do about it. When the boss says so. Meh! Well whatever he has in mind, I’d probably not butt in.