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This is probably my most impulsive choice of destination. Booked my ticket on the 10th of November and left the country on the 12th. Hahaha! It was indeed a moment of impulse adventure. After hearing that a friend of mine was in Singapore, I decided to kidnap him for a 3days 2 nights adventure in Batam City, Indonesia.

My choice of flight was Air Asia, which had to be early because Singapore will only be my transit to Indonesia. We have to get to Harbour Front before 5pm, so that we’ll be able to get to Batam the same day. Reasons why I had to leave the house around 3am and I was expecting traffic along the way.

Oh by the way, FYI: some people are confused with NAIA Terminal 4. Just to be clear, it’s in the same vicinity with Terminal 2 Domestic Airport. Yeah, t2 and t4 is in the same area.

Going back to my crazy 7day adventure – My flight connects MNL- Kuala Lumpur – Singapore. My supposed to be 3.5 hours of air travel had a long break. I arrived at Changi Airport 3:00pm. (And I just realized I had to hurry up because our ferry leaves at 5pm!!) My buddy and I decided to meet at Chinatown MRT/ Outram Park which by the way is around 20-30minutes MRT ride from the Airport.

I even had to but a 18$SG worth of Sim card just to contact him, because I failed to set my network roaming.
Our adventure was more likely ‘Amazing Race Asia’ because we wanted to get to Batam as early as possible. We we’re panicking and had no time to discuss our plans upon arriving in Batam because we had to rush back to the MRT for a short ride to Habour Front. Hahaha!


Now boarding Air Asia MNL – Kuala Lumpur


Kuala Lumpur International Airport Gate J7


Indonesia’s Immigration Card

Singapore - Indonesia Ferry

Singapore – Indonesia Ferry


Itinerary asdfghjklqwertyuiop………



I love to travel, but I hate packing as well as booking. Hahaha! 
Anyway, have you heard of ‘seat sale’? It’s quiet popular here in the Philippines, especially when you’re a budget traveler and loves to visit neighboring countries in Asia. There’s this airline company here who does that, but some people who experienced it said that in exchange to that cheap seats, are all the jinx you can imagine when you’re about to go. (delayed flights, errors, bla bla bla…) If you’re not so patient, don’t take it. But if you just don’t care, go for it.

And to be so damn honest, this is the first time I going to try it. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! 🙂
I’ve always been curious to live in bleep*** and experience it alone. So, I decided to take that challenge and impulsively booked a flight to bleep***., although my family and friends are making fun of the idea and said that “knowing me” I wont be able to take the 4weeks challenge. I’m so freaking serioussssssssssssssss!!! Watch me! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! (crossing my fingers)

Elantra Club Philippines

It was indeed another month of blessings. 🙂
And everyone from the club decided to meet for this month to welcome new members and mingle.

Since I was bored because Facebook had some problems with their uploads, I killed some time to make a short MV from our Mini EB yesterday in Alabang.
Anyway, if you’re from Philippines and you own a Hyundai Elantra or planning to get one you can join us at Elantra Club Philippines Forum here -> http://www.elantraclubph.com/site/