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This is probably my most impulsive choice of destination. Booked my ticket on the 10th of November and left the country on the 12th. Hahaha! It was indeed a moment of impulse adventure. After hearing that a friend of mine was in Singapore, I decided to kidnap him for a 3days 2 nights adventure in Batam City, Indonesia.

My choice of flight was Air Asia, which had to be early because Singapore will only be my transit to Indonesia. We have to get to Harbour Front before 5pm, so that we’ll be able to get to Batam the same day. Reasons why I had to leave the house around 3am and I was expecting traffic along the way.

Oh by the way, FYI: some people are confused with NAIA Terminal 4. Just to be clear, it’s in the same vicinity with Terminal 2 Domestic Airport. Yeah, t2 and t4 is in the same area.

Going back to my crazy 7day adventure – My flight connects MNL- Kuala Lumpur – Singapore. My supposed to be 3.5 hours of air travel had a long break. I arrived at Changi Airport 3:00pm. (And I just realized I had to hurry up because our ferry leaves at 5pm!!) My buddy and I decided to meet at Chinatown MRT/ Outram Park which by the way is around 20-30minutes MRT ride from the Airport.

I even had to but a 18$SG worth of Sim card just to contact him, because I failed to set my network roaming.
Our adventure was more likely ‘Amazing Race Asia’ because we wanted to get to Batam as early as possible. We we’re panicking and had no time to discuss our plans upon arriving in Batam because we had to rush back to the MRT for a short ride to Habour Front. Hahaha!


Now boarding Air Asia MNL – Kuala Lumpur


Kuala Lumpur International Airport Gate J7


Indonesia’s Immigration Card

Singapore - Indonesia Ferry

Singapore – Indonesia Ferry


Elantra Club Philippines

It was indeed another month of blessings. 🙂
And everyone from the club decided to meet for this month to welcome new members and mingle.

Since I was bored because Facebook had some problems with their uploads, I killed some time to make a short MV from our Mini EB yesterday in Alabang.
Anyway, if you’re from Philippines and you own a Hyundai Elantra or planning to get one you can join us at Elantra Club Philippines Forum here -> http://www.elantraclubph.com/site/

Random thoughts

The battle has started! America is now making a move to execute plan B. 1st the implementation of SOPA, and now the they are planning the transfer of BPOs’ back to their state.

If one agent earns around 10 dollars an hour + other benefits and incentives in the US. Here in the Philippines, they only have to pay $400/month + other benefits and incentives. Wow! Cheap labor isn’t it? What a good way to sell labor without them noticing that they are exploited.
BPO corporations get to earn more and spend less on the tax and other spending. It doesn’t hurt that much since its based here in the Philippines.

Required skill? English.
Here, in the Philippines, its a second language. A learned language. There, its their “major” language. No need for training bla bla bla.

I just hope Philippines wont be too confident about these BPOs not transfering. US is desperate to earn no matter what. There’s no such thing as allies when money talks. They need to keep the money rolling.

I just hope I wont see a headline soon that goes like:
“Man got sued for singging Happy Birthday”
because of IPR.

they should have realized it sooner that they are spending more than what they earn and its killing them. Are they really losing their hegemonic power?

just a thought… random thought

Hong Kong Government marks Philippines BLACK in OTA

Outside Travel Alert

Pictures of what happened today are everywhere!! Even in CNN! What more can make us ashamed? Honestly, I am scared of the possible actions that the Chinese Government will do after this incident.

Reaction follows and its 99% Negative. Some were blaming the media, the by standers and also the PNP – Philippine National Police. Who happens to take most of the blames.

I still can’t believe this has happened! Those Chinese Nationals were just here as tourists and this is their last day. They were about to go home tonight on a 7:30 flight.  It should have been a wonderful memory, but it turned out being a nightmare.

*Most of us here expressed our anger and disappointment in PNP’s actions and slow response to the situation. Some were sarcastic and even mocked them . I can’t blame these people. “To serve and protect”, once you become a policeman – you embrace the responsibility and have to mean what you swore onto.

It was a traumatic experience for other tourists. Philippines is just starting a new life with the new administration and then this had to happen. It’s sad…

And now? Hong Kong Government announces “Avoid all travel” for Philippines in their Outside Travel Alert site which was just updated earlier.

A concern friend from my Facebook account tagged me in a screen shot he made for his wall posts.

This is really sad…

Specially for the fact that Philippines was marked as a “Severe Threat” in their list.

Sigh* Me and my family loves to visit Hong Kong every once in a while since its a nice place to shop and relax. It also has a huge effect on both me and my boyfriend since he’s from a foreign country. The Hostage Drama that happened earlier was also aired in other countries. This will be added to the long list of NEGATIVE FEEDBACKS of Philippines. 😥


I wasn’t aware of the situation since I left our house early this morning to Enroll. Until I saw a news break while I was on the bus around 11am. “August 24, 2010 QUIRINO GRANDSTAND HOSTAGE TAKING”.

Just like other peoples reaction, I cried, laughed, got frustrated and MAD at the end. Imagine for almost 12 hours?! Half of the people in bus DIED and take note of the fact that they were all TOURISTS!! 30 cops vs 1 hostage taker!

Really a shame...

SWAT abbreviation in Filipino Terms in the Internet spread out not more than an hour after the incident.

S.W.A.T: Sugod, Wait, Atras, Tago! (Attack, Wait, Back, Hide!!)
S.W.A.T: Sobrang wala akong training! / Sorry wala akong training! (Sorry, we weren’t trained)
S.W.A.T: Sana Wag Ako Tamaan (I hope I don’t get shot!)

Its kinda insulting, but if you really did saw how things went, you’d get the point. It was humiliating, disappointing, annoying and stupid! It was worst than watching PINOY CORNY SITCOMs! I can’t believe that this is what Filipino Police are made of. I wish I can grab a photo where the Police were piling up at the back of the bus. It was HIDEOUS! They look really stupid. But this was the only one I have.

No wonder most of the people don’t pay respect to them anymore, if you were able to watch it and really observed. You’d understand why a lot of bloggers are angry, annoyed and even left a remark “DUMB” to our country’s policemen.

No proper equipments and gears, trainings, evaluation, and preparedness workshop! All of this? Equals EPIC FAIL!! ..i..

I cried when I heard gun shots even though I was just watching.  To think that he was also a police who served his fellow countrymen. INNOCENT PEOPLE were taken as hostages. Who wouldn’t get angry? This was INSANE!
I have a lot of Chinese Classmates and FRIENDS, they are NICE and HONEST PEOPLE!  I feel ashamed because the hostage taker was from the same province that I am.

I wont and can’t blame if the Chinese Government closes its door to Philippines. 😥

Philippines hits the largest count for A(H1N1) virus in Southeast Asia

4weeks ago Philippines’ Health Sec. Duque proudly announced that Philippines is yet a A(H1N1) a.k.a Influenza A. But since last week of May, DOH announced the 1st A(H1N1) virus positive patient. From it, it was multiplied to 95 in such short time.

Now, the country hits the largest count in Southeast Asia? What does this means? Filipinos became too over confident they are ready and that the virus wont be a threat to the country. Though DOH assured that there’s no community-level outbreak (yet). From the 95 reported cases, 33 were already free from the virus.

Statistics as of June 12, 2009

Affected: 95 Location: Manila, Bulacan, Nueva Eecija and Cebu City.

Source of Article: Crawford Kilian of typepad.com

“Heath Secretary Francisco Duque III said the four patients included a 13-year-old boy who came from Hong Kong, China; a one-year-old girl who traveled from the United States; and a 55-year-old man and a 26-year-old woman who were contacts of a confirmed case from Taiwan, China.

All the patients are currently being observed in health facilities, said the health chief. The 13-year-old boy has fully recovered while the rest still have cough, he added.

The Philippine Department of Health (DOH) earlier confirmed two cases in the country and said that the two patients have already recovered but remain under quarantine.”

Posted last 2009-06-05; UPDATE from: Sina

The Philippines said Friday the number of confirmed Influenza A/H1N1 cases in a major Manila University has risen to three, providing evidence that the virus has jumped from the infected foreign student to her classmates.

Health Secretary Francisco Duque III said in a press release that the latest infected case was a 17 year-old boy in the De La Salle University (DLSU) who has no history of travel abroad.

De La Salle University reported on Wednesday its first confirmed A/H1N1 case, a Japanese exchange student who arrived in the Philippines in late May and updated on Thursday that a close contact of the Japanese student was also tested positive for the flu virus.

At least two other universities in Manila postponed the opening of classes next week over the flue scare.

By Friday, the Philippines has reported a cumulative sum of 33 A/H1N1 cases. Duque said there is no community-level outbreak of the new flu virus and the health officials are confident in putting the situation under control.